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Institute of Higher Studies offers online and distance degree programs in unique, exciting, and relevant educational fields. Find the online and distance A degree program that best suits your interests and goals.

On behalf of Institute of Higher Studies, USA, it is my privilege to welcome you as the newest members of the IESPR family.

In joining this closely knit community, you will find our Institute mission – “To produce, in a humanistic tradition, educated professionals and wide knowledge that will enhance and extend the quality of life in our communities” – is more than just a worthy philosophy.

Rather, it is a foundation that informs and sustains all of our educational, research, and service endeavors. It is part of everything we do. It is part of every goal. It underscores how we treat one another as we teach and heal together.

Our primary goal at Institute of Higher Studies, USA is to shape the new students you are now into the educated professionals you will be tomorrow – to better the world through technical excellence and compassionate care, all steeped in an ethos of skillful humanism.

All of us at IESPR are privileged and eager to be your partners on this journey. Welcome!

President, Institute of Higher Studies, USA